• Course name Certificate III Timber Manufactured Products
    Duration Approximately 780 Hours completed over a two year period
    This comprehensive course covers all facets of timber manufacturing, and can incorporate both learning on the job and at the Timber Training Centre, Creswick.
    Field Unit Code Unit Name
    Core BSBFLM312C Contribute to team effectiveness
    FWPCOR2201 Work effectively in the forest and forest products industry
    FWPCOR2202 Communicate and interact effectively in the workplace
    FWPCOR3201 Implement safety, health and environment policies and procedures
    FWPCOR3202 Conduct quality and product care procedures
    FWPCOR3204 Visually assess material
    Field Unit Code Unit Name
    Sawdoctoring FWPCOT3210B Sharpen cutting tools
    FWPCOT3211B Maintain sawdoctoring tools
    FWPCOT3212B Replace saws, blades and guides
    FWPCOT3216B Assess and maintain saw performance
    FWPCOT3217B Assess and maintain cutter performance
    FWPCOT3244B Cut material to profile
    Timber Grading & Testing FWPCOT3208B Test strength of joints
    FWPCOT3240B Grade heavy structural/engineered products
    FWPCOT3246B Test heavy structural/engineered products
    FWPCOT3250A Prepare timber to meet import/export compliance requirements
    Trusses & Frames FWPCOT3204B Prepare and interpret sketches and drawings
    FWPCOT3214B Take off material quantities
    FWPCOT3218B Quote and interpret from manufactured timber product plans
    FWPCOT3219B Produce standard truss or frame plans and details using computers
    FWPCOT3220B Quote and interpret from computerised timber manufactured product plans
    FWPCOT3239B Create drawings using computer aided design systems
    FWPCOT3241B Assemble timber wall frames
    FWPCOT3242B Lay up timber roof trusses
    FWPCOT3243B Operate a truss press
    Timber Products FWPCOT3205B Dress boards using multi-headed machines
    FWPCOT3206B Cut material using high speed optimiser
    FWPCOT3207B Set up, operate and maintain finger jointing operations
    FWPCOT3209B Set up, operate and maintain end matching operations
    FWPCOT3228B Plane/sand panels
    FWPCOT3230B Operate automated stacking equipment
    FWPCOT3234B Cut material using CNC sizing machines
    FWPCOT3235B Machine material using CNC machining and processing centres
    FWPCOT3253A Convert timber residue into products for further use
    FWPSAW3226B Saw logs using CNC optimising systems
    FWPTMM3201 Convert timber
    FWPTMM3202 Manufacture using joinery machines
    FPIWPP3203B Produce fibre from chips
    FPIWPP3209B Prepare resins and additives
    Field Unit Code Unit Name
    Machinery & Equipment TLIC3004A Drive heavy rigid vehicle
    TLIC3005A Drive heavy combination vehicle
    Warehousing & Distribution FWPCOT3236B Coordinate stock control procedures
    TLIA3018A Organise despatch operations
    Load Handling TLIC3063A Operate vehicle carrying special loads
    TLID3011A Conduct specialised forklift operations
    TLID2012A Operate specialised load shifting equipment
    TLID3014A Load and unload vehicles carrying special loads
    TLID3043A Shift loads using gantry equipment
    Safety & Quality Processes FWPCOR3203B Evaluate fire potential and prevention
    FWPCOT3254A Implement environmentally sustainable work practices in the work area/work site
    HLTFA311A Apply first aid
    HLTFA412A Apply advanced first aid (unit has HLTFA311A Apply first aid as a pre-requisite)
    TLID3035A Operate a boom type elevating work platform
    Administration & Business BSBADM311A Maintain business resources
    BSBINM301A Organise workplace information
    BSBITU306A Design and produce business documents
    FWPTMM3203 Estimate and cost job
    SIRXSLS201 Sell products and services
    Communication & Relationships BSBFLM303C Contribute to effective workplace relationships
    Competitive Manufacturing MSS402001A Apply competitive systems and practices
    MSS402060A Use planning software systems in operations
    MSS404060A Facilitate the use of planning software systems in a work area or team
    Planning & Analysis BSBFLM305C Support operational plan
  • These Units are grouped into: 1. Core Units 2. Sawmilling and Processing Units
  • FWP11 Pathways Chart
  • Cost : 2015 Subsidised based on 500 student contact hours @ $2.50/sch. Total number of hours chosen may vary. The student fee is indicative only and subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as student services and amenities fees. Indicative Tuition Fee $1,250 (State Government of Victoria Subsidised) Materials Fee $200.00 Total Cost $1,450 ( Fee for Service value $5000 based on 500hrs @ $10/hr )