2023 Short Course Program- Victoria

Below are dates with courses scheduled for 2023 at the Timber Training Centre.
Timber Training Creswick can also respond to industry demand for courses on site.

Occupational Health and Safety for Forest Workers: May 8, October 30

Environmental Care for Forest Operations: May 9, October 31

Chainsaw Trim and Cut/ Maintenance: March 22-24, May 24-26, August 2-4, October 4-6, December 6-8

Harvest Trees Manually (Falling) – Basic: June 5-9, October 16-20

Forest and Farm Chemical Handlers Course: May 11-12, November 2-3

Small Scale (Portable) Sawmilling: May 8-12, November 13-17

Visual Stress Grade Softwood: February 27-28, May 29-30, July 24-25, November 20-21

Visual Stress Grade Hardwood: March 1-2, May 31- June 1, July 26-27, November 22-23

Grade Recycled Timber: March 3, November 24

Timber Drying: June 5-8, October 9-12

Timber Product Knowledge (Held in conjunction with and at MGA/TMA)

Timber Preservation: Via CD based learning program and site assessment. Contact us for more detail.


Appearance Grade Hardwood: 1 day assuming participants have completed Visual Stress Grade Hardwood.

Sawyer Course: – 5 days.

Pole Saw Operation: 1 day after completing trim and cut felled trees

Brushcutter & Clearing Saw Operations 3 days

Mobile Chipper 3 days

4 Wheel Drive Operations: 2 days

Grade Engineered Wood Products (Sleepers, Crossarms, etc. AS3818): usually conducted on site over 2 days.

Timber Drying (Softwood): usually conducted at the sawmill over 2 days

Fingerjointing/Glue-laminating: conducted on site over 3 days

First Line Supervision Skills: 4 days on site or at Creswick

Innovation Skill Set 4 days on site or at Creswick with assignment work.

Manual Handling of Timber and Timber Products: On Demand, usually delivered on site. 2-3 hrs

Tag out / Lockout, and Machine Isolation: On Demand, usually delivered on site. 2-3hrs

Five + 5 Available in Victoria and Tasmania 2020 5 days with 5 further shifts of work experience

On board computer systems for Harvesting Operators 2 days


Rob Rule, Manager