Timber Training Creswick’s directors and management are committed to exemplary practice in our company operations, and so we thought that we would also make available OHS audit information and our Risk Management Recommendations.

In 2016 ASQA reviewed our operations and renewed the company registration with for 7 years with no rectifications required. Download ASQA Renewal of Registration

Most recent AQTF audit was May 2011, and was conducted by the VRQA, but signed off by ASQA. Detailed evidence was provided to ASQA in each of the areas outlined. Summary of latest AQTF Audit and Detailed summary of audit rectifications

Most recent Audit conducted by Skills Tasmania in May, 2010 –07 June, 2010.  Skills Tasmania 2010 Audit Results

Most recent Training Audit conducted of our Queensland contracts on 23 June, 2010 and Rectification Evidence received 26 July, 2010.  Queensland 2010 Audit Results

Result of Audit conducted by Skills Victoria on 11 August, 2010.  Skills Victoria 2010 Audit Results and Skills Victoria 2010 Rectification Audit Results on 05 November, 2010.

Most recent OHS Audit from independent Consultant Marshall Safety Services conducted 18 August, 2010.  2010 OHS Inspection Timber Training Creswick Ltd.

Most recent Risk Control Recommendations dated 18 August, 2010.  Risk Control Recommendations 18Aug2010