• Course name Certificate II Harvesting and Haulage
    Duration 450 hours approximately over 12-18 months
    This traineeship is an entry level training program designed for persons recently employed or seeking employment in Timber Harvesting and Haulage. The traineeship incorporates both on and off-the-job training and provides for recognition of any relevant prior learning whether obtained through previous formal training, work experience or life experience. RPL and assessment only pathways are also available for experienced persons.
    Field Unit Code Unit Name
    Core FWPCOR2201 Work effectively in the forest and forest products industry
    FWPCOR2202 Communicate and interact effectively in the workplace
    FWPCOR2203 Follow environmental care procedures
    FWPCOR2204B Follow fire prevention procedures
    FWPCOR2205 Follow OHS policies and procedures
    FWPCOR2207 Maintain quality and product care
    HLTFA301C Apply first aid
    Field Unit Code Unit Name
    Fire Control AHCWRK201A Observe and report on weather
    PUAEQU001B Prepare, maintain and test response equipment
    PUAFIR215 Prevent injury
    PUAFIR204B Respond to wildfire (unit has PUAFIR215Prevent injury as a prerequisite)
    PUALAW001B Protect and preserve incident scene
    PUAOPE002B Operate communications systems and equipment
    PUATEA001B Work in a team
    Harvesting Operations AHCARB204A Undertake standard climbing techniques
    AHCARB206A Undertake stump removal
    FWPCOT2220B Select trees for tending operations
    FWPCOT2236 Fall trees manually (basic)
    FWPHAR2203 Hook up felled logs using cables (choker)
    FPIHAR2204B Perform landing duties (chaser)
    FPIHAR2205B Conduct mobile splitting operations
    FPIHAR2206B Operate a mobile chipper/mulcher
    FPIHAR2207A Trim and cut harvested trees
    Grading & Testing FWPCOT2223B Segregate and sort logs
    Field Unit Code Unit Name
    Warehousing & Distribution FWPCOT2228B Store materials
    TLID3033A Operate a vehicle-mounted loading crane
    Machinery & Equipment FWPCOT2237A Maintain chainsaws
    TLIC2002A Drive light rigid vehicle
    TLIC3003A Drive medium rigid vehicle
    Load Handling TLID2004A Load and unload goods and cargo
    TLID2010A Operate a forklift
    TLILIC2001A Licence to operate a forklift truck
    Safety & Quality Processes AHCILM201A Maintain cultural places
    AHCWRK203A Operate in isolated and remote situations
    FWPCOT2233B Navigate in forest areas
    FWPCOT3263 Maintain and contribute to energy efficiency
    RIIOHS205A Control traffic with stop-slow bat
    Administration & Business BSBINM201A Process and maintain workplace information
    BSBITU201A Produce simple word processed documents
    BSBWOR204A Use business technology
  • 7 core 6 elective
  • FWP11 Pathways Chart
  • Cost : 2015 Funded based on 450 student contact hours @ $2.50/sch. Total number of hours chosen may vary. The student fee is indicative only and subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as student services and amenities fees. Indicative Tuition Fee $1,125.00 (State Government of Victoria Subsidised) Materials Fee $100.00 Total Cost $1,225.00 (Approximate fee for service value $4,000 based on $10.00/ student contact hour).