Timber Training Creswick had its beginnings back in 1986 with the establishment of Victorian Timber Industry Training Centre at Creswick.  Prior to this training was based in Nunawading trading as Victorian Timber Industry Training Committee.  It later joined with Holmesglen College and then in 2001 became the Timber Training Creswick that we know today.  On the 1st March 2019 the official opening of a new branch office in Launceston was held. 



Timber Training Creswick has had a proud history of providing top quality training and consultation to industry.  Providing nationally accredited training as well as customized training and consultation to meet industries needs as they arise.

The Timber Training Creswick’s vision is to “be the pre-eminent centre providing a comprehensive range of training programs and services for the forest products industry in a flexible, responsive and cost effective manner.”

Timber Training Creswick is a Registered Training Organisation (RTOid 4168) and offers nationally accredited courses. Courses range from Certificate II to Diploma level, with modular training blocks of appropriate competencies for work functions. Many of our modular training programs can be offered on site as an alternative to at Creswick. Training programs can be developed or existing programs modified to meet individual company requirements.

Our courses have a large practical component and low student to teacher ratio. This allows time for students to absorb the theory as it is presented.

Timber Training Creswick is sponsored by a number of companies who provide equipment that helps Timber Training Creswick deliver the quality training that industry requires.

  • Weing Australia P/L provides equipment for the wood machining training.https://www.weinig.com.au/en
  • Lucas Mill provide a Lucas Mill to assist with small sawmill training.http://www.lucasmill.com
  • Stihl Australia provide the most up to date chainsaws for the many varied chainsaw courses Timber Training Creswick offer.https://www.stihl.com.au
  • The Moisture Meter Company provide and service our moisture meters.

Today Timber Training Creswick maintains Australia’s only dedicated training sawmill and drymill for wood machining apprentices.  The sawdoctor facility is one of two in Australia, with the second owned by a government provider.

As part of Timber Training Creswick’s training contracts we are required to publish our most recent training audit information on our website.