• Course name 4 Wheel Drive Operations
    Duration 3 Days at and around Creswick State Park
    This course enables learners to gain proficiency operating 4X4vhicles including cars, light trucks and utilities safely in a variety of terrains and conditions and successfully recover 4X4 vehicles from water bodies and other adverse situations. 4 participants (each participant must have a current drivers licence)
  • Will be by demonstration of skills and answering related questions.  Upon successful completion learners will be issued a statement of attainment for the unit above.
  • Course Content
    1. Basic vehicle operation and equipment
    2. Vehicle pre-start checks
    3. Off-road operation
    4. Negotiating slope
    5. Ascending a slope – stall recovery
    6. Descending a slope – stall recovery
    7. Jacking the vehicle
    8. Rugged terrain use of the vehicle
    9. Water crossing
    10. Vehicle recovery procedures
  • Enrolment in FWP20111 Certificate II in Forest Growing and Management
  • FWPCOT3259 Operate a four-wheel drive on unsealed roads (40 hrs)
  • FWP11 Pathways Chart
  • Cost : $450.00 ($11.25/sch) 2016 VTG Subsidised: Note- accessing subsidies may affect your future entitlement. The student fee is indicative only and subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as student services and amenities fees. Indicative Tuition Fee $150.00 (State Government of Victoria Subsidised) Total Cost $150.00 ($450.00 if ineligible for subsidy)