• Course name Chainsaw Operation & Maintenance – Timber Harvesting
    Duration 4 Days, (with provision of an extra half day if required)
    This course is the required competency to achieve accreditation as a chainsaw operator under the Forest Operator’s Licence.  There is a focus on in forest work to commercial standards, including product grades, and optimising timber recovery. 5-6 participants per instructor. This course does not cover tree falling.
  • Will be by demonstration of skills and answering related questions.
  • Course Content 1. Introduction 2. Chainsaw components 3. Chainsaw maintenance 4. Chain, sprocket & bar 5. Operator safety and responsibilities 6. Aids and Equipment 7. Chainsaw starting procedures 8. Work site preparation 9. Basic chainsaw cuts 10. Work techniques 11. State legislation 12. Product specifications
  • Enrolment in FWP20211 Certificate II in Harvesting and Haulage
  • FWPCOT2237A Maintain Chainsaws (20 hrs) FPIHAR2207A Trim and cut harvested trees (40 hrs)
  • FWP11 Pathways Chart
  • Cost     :     $495.00  ($8.25/sch including materials) 2016 VTG Subsidised: - Tuition Fee          $180.00  (State Government of Victoria Subsidised) Materials Fee     $20 Total Cost           $200.00            ($495.00 if ineligible for subsidy)