• Course name Chainsaw – Trim & Cut Felled Trees
    Duration 3 Days, (with provision of a fourth day if required). Courses can be conducted at either Timber Training Creswick or regionally around Victoria and Tasmania. Days two and three will be conducted in nearby forest areas.
    Description: This course is suitable for most chainsaw operators as well as general forest and emergency services personnel such as CFA and SES clearing fallen trees and branches. It is designed to develop or increase skills in operating chainsaws safely and efficiently in a variety of common work situations. This course does not cover tree falling. 5-6 participants per instructor. Class based with some class time in forest areas. NOTE: This course can be contextualised to cover a wide variety of work situations e.g. wind blown trees, log yard operations, firewood cutting, etc. Job Outcomes: Learners completing this course may find employment as chainsaw operators in Forestry, arboriculture, horticulture and local councils.
  • Will be by demonstration of skills and answering related questions. Upon successful completion students will be issued with a nationally recognised statement of attainment for the unit(s) above.
  • Course Content: 1. Introduction 2. Chainsaw components 3. Chainsaw maintenance 4. Chain, sprocket & bar 5. Operator safety/ responsibilities 6. Aids and Equipment 7. Chainsaw starting procedures 8. Work site preparation 9. Basic chainsaw cuts 10. Work techniques 11. State legislation
  • Enrolment in FWP20111 Certificate II in Forest Growing & Management
  • FWPCOT2237A Maintain Chainsaws (20 hrs) FWPCOT2239A Trim & Cut Felled Trees (40 hrs)
  • FWP11 Pathways Chart
  • $495.00 ($8.25/sch) Materials: $20 = $515 2016 VTG Subsidised: Note that accessing subsidies for this course may affect your future entitlements. Indicative Tuition Fee: $180.00 (State Government of Victoria Subsidised) Materials Fee: $20.00 Total Cost: $200.00 ($515.00 if ineligible for subsidy)