• Course name Small Scale (Portable) Sawmilling
    Duration 5 days, Monday to Friday at Creswick or around Australia (costs may vary).
    This course is designed for persons involved in small scale sawmilling operations.  Through discussion, demonstration and "hands on" practical experience, participants will develop skills in the milling of sawlogs together with an appreciation of the market potential of various timbers. 4-6 participants maximum. Class based with practical milling of logs using a Lucasmill portable sawmill. Job Outcomes:  Learners completing this skill set will usually be self employed or working for a small scale sawmiller.
  • Will be by demonstration of skills and answering related questions.  Upon successful completion students will be issued with a nationally recognised statement of attainment for the unit(s) above.
  • Course Content 1. Sawmill Safety 2. Sawmilling Techniques for common Timbers 3. Portable Mill Sawing 4. Saw Running Conditions 5. Cost Effective Analysis 6. Specialist Techniques
  • Enrolment in FWP30311 Certificate III in Sawmilling & Processing
  • FWPCOR3202 Conduct quality and product care procedures (20 hrs) FWPSAW2209B Dismantle, Transport and Assemble Hand Portable Sawmill (50 hrs) FWPSAW3229B Operate a Portable Sawmill (60 hrs)
  • FWP11 Pathways Chart
  • $1,500.00 per person ($11.54/sch) 2014 VTG Subsidised: The student fee is indicative only and subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as student services and amenities fees. Note that accessing subsidies for this course may affect your future entitlements. Indicative Tuition Fee: $390.00 (State Government of Victoria Subsidised) Materials Fee: $40.00 Total Cost: $430.00 ($1,500.00 if ineligible for subsidy) Further books are recommended during this course to approximately $145.00 It is strongly recommended students also enroll in the grading courses the week prior or subsequent to this course.