• Course name Wood Machinist Block 1 – Moulder Setup and Production Principles
    Duration 2 weeks at Creswick with some assignment work

    This course is aimed at providing basic skills associated with the operation of production planing and moulding machines. The major emphasis is on operator safety, improved production technique and fault diagnosis and rectification. An introduction to tool and cutter grinding is included.

  • Will be by demonstration of skills and answering related questions.

  • 1. Course Overview
    2. Safety
    3. Axial and Radial
    4. The Purpose of the Moulder
    5. Function & Operation of Moulder Controls
    6. Straight knife Grinding
    7. Setting & calibrating
    8. Feed Speeds
    9. Stacking & Feed Work
    10. Heads and Cutters
    11. Changing moulder heads
    12. Setting Pressures
    13. Setting up for Square Dressing
    14. Moulding Production Practice
    15. Straight Jointing Procedure
    16. Machine Maintenance
    17. Fault Diagnosis & Rectification
    18. Introduction to optical measuring

  • Enrolment in FWP30816 Certificate III in Wood Machining

  • FWPCOT2207B – Dress Boards and Timber (50hrs)
    FWPCOT3201B – Hand Sharpen knives and blades (20hrs)
    FWPCOT3205B – Dress Boards using multi headed machines (40hrs)
    FWPCOT3210B – Sharpen Cutting Tools (20hrs)
    FWPTMM2202 – Machine Material (20hrs)

  • FWP11 Pathways Chart

  • 2016 Subsidised

    The student fee is indicative only and subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Additional fees may apply such as student services and amenities fees.

    Indicative Tuition Fee $450.00 (State Government of Victoria Subsidised)

    Materials Fee $175.00

    Total Cost  $625.00    ($2,000.00 if ineligible for subsidy)